Torchworking Projects



Note: Pre-requisite is Glass Artist for the Day or equivalent with staff approval

Level One $65 per person

Swizzle stix:

In this session you will create  set of 4 unique swizzle stix. Learn to pull thin glass stringers of color glass to be incorporated into your very own swizzle stix design. All instruction and materials are provided. Session lasts approximately 1 1/2 hours. Participants will take project home that day.

Glass Flower:

In this class, you will make a glass flower while learning to shape and pull petals. Color will be applied using frit or pulled stringers. Basic skill building in attaching pieces with hot joint technique.  Class is approximately 1 1/2 hours.Participants will take home project the same day.

Schedule for Project Based Classes

Level Two:

Show yo’ beads!

Create three beads in soft glass to be used in decorating a letter opener, ball point pen or cheese knife. Basic instruction for making colorful beads with swirls or dots.  Class is approximately 2 hours. Projects must be picked up after beads have been annealed (next day or later).